Boat that sunk last year found in Sea of Cortez

A private salvage crew has located the wreckage of a chartered fishing boat that sank in Mexico's Sea of Cortez last year, leaving one Northern California man dead and seven still classified as missing.

Charles Gibson, one of the 35 fishermen and crew members who survived the capsizing of the Erik, tells The Contra Costa Times ( ) that divers hired by the families of the missing men found the boat on the sea floor this week.

The Erik was on a planned six-day trip when it was swamped by waves in the Sea of Cortez on July 3, 2011. Survivors spent 16 hours clinging to coolers, floating rings and life vests before they were rescued.

Dena Jacinto, whose father-in-law remains missing at sea, says the divers have not determined whether any bodies are inside the wreckage.


Information from: Contra Costa Times,