Bidder pays $120,000 for Hamptons strip of land

Officials said a Manhattan financier has paid $120,000 for a 1-foot-by-1,800-foot strip of land in the Hamptons.

Suffolk County's property manager Wayne Thompson told Newsday he's never seen anything like it.

The foot-wide path Napeague stretches from Montauk Highway to the Atlantic Ocean.

The county acquired it in 2003 for nonpayment of taxes. Suffolk tried to sell it for $10 to any of the six adjoining land owners.

Four showed no interest. But two were so interested the county set up a face-to-face auction and imposed a $1,500 minimum bid.

The winning bid was disclosed Wednesday.

Napeague is located between the Atlantic and Napeague Bay. It's a tiny enclave of million-dollar houses west of Montauk.