Atlanta Girl Killed in Car Crash, Best Friend Could Face Charges

Two best friends were involved in a car accident on a icy Atlanta road last Friday night. One survived, one did not.

Now survivor, Alex Covett, could face charges.

Eighteen-year-old’s Covett and Karli Jobling had been friends since kindergarten. They were together in the car as Covett was driving down an icy road. She lost control of the car and their vehicle crossed the median into oncoming traffic. Jobling was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Covett later woke up in the hospital to the news that she had lost her best friend and that she could be facing charges.

A pastor who knew both girls talked about the tragedy Thursday night.

"Alex and Karli were more like sisters than best friends," said Pastor Kevin Barton of Elevate Christian Church.

"A situation like this, you think would pull people apart but the Jobling family, as well as the Covett family, have very strong faith. [It] brought them together in a way most people don't understand," said Pastor Barton.

Pastor Barton knew both girls and he said when you saw one you almost always saw the other.
The two friends were so close that they were hoping to head to the same college next year.

"Her parents are strong faith, her dad broke the news to Alex. He did a very good job walking her through it. Her mom was compassionate. It was a tough conversation for Alex, shock followed by a lot of tears, a lot of love," said Pastor Barton.

Pastor Barton said the first visitors to the hospital were Jobling's parents and they assuring the teen that the accident wasn't her fault.

"You know, God took her for a reason, it was her time. Whatever she had here, she's already accomplished whatever she needed to do. And I'll see her again," said Jobling's mother, Debbie.

"They want people to know that God has a purpose. And sometimes bad things happen to good people. We can't control them but something good is going to come out of this. Both families agree with that," said Pastor Barton.

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