Alleged Chicago gang boss denies ordering hit on informant

The purported leader of Chicago's notorious Hobos street gang has testified he didn't order a hit on a gang associate-turned-police informant killed in 2013 in front of his step-kids.

Gregory "Bowlegs" Chester began a second day of testimony Thursday at one of Chicago's biggest racketeering trials in years.

Asked why he wouldn't have sought Keith Daniels' death, the 39-year-old Chester answered that Daniels was "like family" to him.

Among five co-defendants looking on as Chester testified was alleged hit man Paris Poe. Prosecutors say he stepped from behind bushes and shot at Daniels 25 times as the children screamed nearby.

Prosecutors call the six "an all-star team of the worst of the worst" who "terrorized the city." The trial comes as attention has focused on a spike in Chicago violence.