The mother of the toddler who was photographed in the back seat of a car next to a gas can strapped into a car seat said she's "not a bad mom" after the picture surfaced on the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Facebook page, KDRV.com reported.

Sandra Ramirez, 31, said the picture doesn’t tell the entire story. She claims her son had a seat belt on while she was getting pulled over last week and managed to unbuckle it himself and jump into the backseat.

The stay-at-home mom said her teenage son, who was also in the car, put the gas can in the car seat, the report said.

Last week, an Aurora officer was conducting a Click It or Ticket search at various checkpoints and came across her car. Ramirez apparently explained the circumstances by telling the police that the boy managed to do it himself. The officer didn’t buy the story and handed the parent three citations.

She is due back in court on June 29 and said she is going to sell her car and hang up her keys.

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"I just can't believe this has gone the way it has," she said.

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