2 suspects arrested in death of Mississippi sheriff during police pursuit

Two people have been charged with capital murder in the death of a Mississippi sheriff struck while putting out spikes to stop the suspects during a police chase.

District Attorney Tony Lawrence says 18-year-old Brandy Nicole Williams and 24-year-old Christopher Lee Baxter were arrested Thursday morning at a mobile home in a neighboring county. They were later denied bond at a brief hearing. A prosecutor said they didn't have lawyers yet.

If either is convicted of capital murder in George County Sheriff Garry Welford's death, the sentence is death or life without the possibility of parole.

Lawrence says police were pursuing Baxter because he was wanted for missing a sentencing date Monday on a drug charge.

Police spotted him Wednesday.

Authorities say one of the suspects was driving the truck but wouldn't say which.

Welford, a 62-year-old married father of three, took office in 2004.