A 17-year-long identify theft nightmare is finally over for a Florida man following the arrest of a California resident, Fox40.com reports.

Since 1993, Larry Smith has spent time in jail and prison. He's obtained welfare and Medicare benefits, and got married. But the ex-con is not really Larry Smith -- he is Joseph Kidd, posing as Smith.

The real Larry Smith is 67, lives in Florida and has experienced 17 years of trouble because of Kidd's adventures.

The real Smith has no criminal record, but was jailed for eight days and had liens against his taxes because Kidd tarnished his record. Smith was also denied medical care and had his driver's license suspended, the station reports.

The real Smith contacted law enforcement agencies across the country to try and stop the continuing identity theft but Kidd was never stopped.

Placer County Sheriff's Deputies on Tuesday discovered that Kidd had filed for welfare benefits using a false name and arrested him.

Kidd now sits in the Placer County Jail facing charges of identity theft, welfare fraud and grand theft.

Authorities have not said if Kidd knew the real Smith, or if the two used to live near each other.

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