1 woman's protest: Free rides to immigrants without licenses

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For many people around the U.S., driving to a job, store or doctor now seems risky.

President Donald Trump's crackdown on illegal immigration is spreading fear among people in the country illegally. But ordinary people helping neighbors.

Hundreds of church members have vowed to try to protect immigrants from deportation inside houses of worship or their own homes. Others are training to accompany people to court.

And in the rural town of Redland, Florida, Antonia Catalan has her own response: giving free rides to her unlicensed neighbors, wherever they need.

Catalan immigrated from Mexico and became a U.S. citizen herself as part of an amnesty under President Ronald Reagan.

Critics say volunteers like her should be punished, along with immigrants they help.

But Catalan considers her one-woman ride-hailing service the right thing to do.