World's smartest luggage? Futuristic, robotic suitcase can roll itself

The team behind the Vespa scooter have now turned their genius to luggage-- specifically, a very high-tech piece of luggage.

Piaggio Fast Forward have created a robotic personal butler that carries your belongings for you and even does your shopping.

Reminiscent of Star Wars’ R2-D2, the two-wheeled machine called "Gita" can track its owner and roll along behind, carrying items inside its storage bucket, which is opened by flipping the top open.

It has a zero turning radius and top speed of 22 mph, so it can keep up whether its owner is on foot or on a bike, all while carrying 40 pounds worth of goods.

The electronically powered droid is also capable of operating autonomously in a mapped environment, and it's able to perform deliveries and pick-ups on its own.

Jeffrey Schnapp, Chief Executive Officer of Piaggio Fast Forward, said, “Think about how much more freely you would be able to move from one point to another if lugging cumbersome items was removed from the equation.


“Gita frees up the human hand to focus on complex and creative everyday tasks by taking over mundane transportation chores.”

He added, “You can also send your Gita off on missions while you are busy doing something more pressing.”

The robot is designed to match the full range of human mobility, with speeds that extend from a crawl to a sprint.

It also operates inside and outdoors-- just a like person--on pavements and streets.

This article originally appeared in The Sun.