Passenger's suicide attempt thwarted by crew during Cathay Pacific flight

On Saturday night, a passenger aboard a Cathay Pacific flight reportedly tried to slash his own throat and then hang himself as the plane was landing in Hong Kong.

According to The Standard, a 31-year-old Nepalese man was flying on Cathay Pacific Flight CX411 as it traveled from Incheon International Airport in South Korea to Hong Kong when he locked himself in a bathroom as the aircraft was about to land.

Flight crew members attempted to get the man to leave the bathroom before the plane made its landing, but he refused. Once the flight landed, attendants managed to unlock the bathroom door and found the man bleeding from his neck and discovered evidence that he was trying to hang himself.

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Police investigators believe the man cut his own throat with a cell phone case and then attempted to hang himself from the bathroom door with shoelaces. When the flight crew opened the bathroom door after the plane had landed safely, he attempted to flee the scene, but was stopped by attendants.

The man was taken to North Lantau Hospital and treated for his injuries. The Standard is reporting the man was discharged from the hospital, and he was allowed to travel to Kathmandu.