New line of fragrances offers scents of famous cities

A trip across the Atlantic may now be just a whiff away.

A new line of city-specific fragrances are now available in airports and specialty boutiques worldwide. The brand of perfumes, Scent of Departure, identifies their new fragrances by the airport city codes of famous international destinations, CDG (Paris), LHR (London), DXB (Dubai).

“They each smell like that city in a weird way,” Jessica Richards, co-owner of Brooklyn boutique, Shen Beauty, told MSNBC. “You’re like, ‘Ew, New York City.' What comes to mind are rats and the smell of nuts, hot dog stands and other street meat, but the NYC scent doesn’t smell like trash at all. In fact, you’d never imagine that New York City smelled that good.”

Scent of Departure advertises the city-centric fragrances as “the essence of a city in a bottle." Each 50-milliliter bottle (about 1.7 ounces) is packaged in slender containers with labels that look like checked baggage tags.

Bon (sniff) voyage.

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