Montgomery Gentry's love of honky tonks and other travel secrets

Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry have been making music together since the 1990s. But the duo that make up the southern rock band Montgomery Gentry says when it comes time for a little rest and relaxation, they like to split up.

Just like any self respecting good 'ol boy, they like honky tonk bars and riding their motorcycles, but sometimes being a celeb doesn't allow for a lot freedom from fans.

Luckily for Fox411, the two of them have had quite a bit of experience in the art of traveling, and when on the road they're able to mix a little pleasure with business.

Montgomery and  Gentry’s music has taken them to the forefront of country music with 14 top 10 singles, five of which hit number one. They have received honors form the American Music Awards and the Academy of Country Music and according to the band’s website the honor that meant the most to them was the induction into the Grand Ole Opry in 2009.

The self-proclaimed blue-collar crooners spoke to Fox411 about all of their favorite travel destinations and what's important when vacationing:

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    Eddie Montgomery: Well for me, I just love traveling and wherever they got good cold beer, great people, great fun; which is just about everywhere in this world. I love it and wherever I end up, the beer’s gotta be cold. I love pubs, I love honky tonks, I love music so that’s usually where I’m going. No matter if it’s even on a beach, I’m going to end up in a bar somewhere; walk out and get oysters, then come back into the bar. Somebody’s always playing a guitar or something.

    Troy Gentry: Hawaii has always been my favorite place to travel as far as I’m looking for warm weather, sun and beaches. But if I’m looking for cold and ski activity I like to go to Colorado. I love to be on the slopes and go skiing.

    Fox411: Any fun destinations in Colorado?

    Troy Gentry: When we go to Colorado, we stay at Steamboat and we usually stay right there at the Sheraton there at the foot of the mountain just for the convenience of walking out the doors and getting on the gondola or hitting one of the rides up the mountain right there at the base.

    Fox411: Do you travel together?

    Troy Gentry: I think that’s one of the conveniences of being a duo.

    That Eddie and I separate from each other and we can kind of skirt around things a lot better than if we’re traveling together. They put two and two together and we get spotted more often. But when we’re out on our own we’re not so much picked out.

    Fox411: Tell us about the food.

    Troy Gentry: Food wise, you got everything right there at the base of the mountain. On the property there’s a couple of great pizza places.

    “The Gondola,” they have a little bar that we like to frequent and hang out at. “Slope Side” is a place where during the afternoons we go hang out and have lunch.

    Fox411: We hear you’re a Key West fan.

    Eddie Montgomery: When we were playing down in West Palm, Orlando, they were having Bike Week in Daytona. So, we usually haul our motorcycles behind the bus. I got off in Florida and I took it all the way down to the Keys. Of course Duvall Street was awesome. I mean it was unreal walking all around down there.  Which I did not know about the Keys is that they basically try to live off the island. So, instead of having the Maine lobster or whatever, they got Florida lobster, which they catch off the island. You can’t get crab legs there because they’re Maine crab legs. All their stuff and their fish they try to get off the island. I thought that was kind of cool and it was really wild how everybody kind of helps each other so much from business to business. It was just totally awesome cruising around and just meeting everybody. And I ended up staying down there quite some time. I had a blast.

    Fox411: What do you recommend travelers bring with them?

    Troy Gentry: Sunblock

    Eddie Montgomery: Yeah, sunblock.

    Troy Gentry: Cause somebody doesn’t like to wear it too much.

    Eddie Montgomery: ‘Cause I got a little burn. I did feel like a french fry.

    Fox411: Any impromptu shows when vacationing?

    Eddie Montgomery: Oh yeah, every once in a while we’ll get up. With me it depends on how much fun I’m already having.