Passed-out tourist carried through resort town on mobility scooter in bizarre footage: 'What a disgrace'

This vacation is either going very well or it’s time to go home.

Bizarre footage has surfaced from a popular tourist location in Spain which shows a man driving a mobility scooter down a crowded street. On the back of the scooter is a woman who appears to be very drunk.

The video was apparently filmed in Benidorm, a city in Spain that is popular among tourists. The incident appears to have occurred in the resort area of the city, near a strip of bars and night clubs, The Sun reports.

As the apparently intoxicated woman passes the crowd, laughter and jeers can be heard. It’s unclear what time of day the incident occurred, but the sun is still out.

Since the video was posted on Friday, it has received over 8,000 retweets and over 33,000 reactions.

For some people, the video served as a warning against visiting the city, with one user posting, “Precisely the reason I will never go there.”

”I wouldn't go there if you paid for me!” added another commenter.

Another user chimed in, “What a disgrace to us all.”

One user posted, “I'm very embarrassed about the British people's behavior abroad. Spanish people protest about this kind of stuff man.”

While Benidorm is a popular vacation destination for British citizens, it is not confirmed that the woman seen in this video is British.

Finally, plenty of users had a good laugh watching the video, with one user joking, “Who says romance is dead?”