Anyone who’s traveled across the county or across continents knows how jet lag can wreak havoc on your internal clock.  Fatigue, moodiness, gastrointestinal unpleasantness are all sometimes unwanted souvenirs of your long-haul trips.

Everyone has their tricks to beating fatigue and spaciness: no caffeine, no alcohol on flights, skip the TV.  If you’re like John Kerry you can add to the list the monotone of his own voice. That’s what the newly minted Secretary of State told Men’s Journal about his way to deal with jet jag.

“When I’m flying, I usually take an Ambien and listen to one of my own speeches on my iPod. I’m out in seconds. But it doesn’t always work…”

Luckily for you, you won’t have to download Kerry speeches anytime time soon. Here are a few products that may not cancel jet lag out completely, but will make you feel less like a zombie.

The Ostrich Pillow
You may look ridiculous, but this plush head cushion creates a micro-environment that its inventors say will "enable power naps anytime, anywhere," including in airport lounges and on planes. Made with synthetic material, the pillow has a hole for your head, and for your mouth hole so you can breath easily. It also has two side holes where you can store your hands--if you want to fall face down on your tray table.

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Price: $30

Re-Timer Glasses
These futuristic glasses emit a green light that's believed to reset the body's internal clock by stimulating the part of the part of brain that regulates the body's circadian rhythm.  In order for it to work, you have to wear the glasses for 50 minutes every night three days before the flight. After the flight, you need to wear them for one more night. The glasses have a lightweight design, a rechargeable battery, and comes with a carrying case and a frequent flyer calculator that calculates when to use them. The look is slightly cooler than the Ostrich Pillow, but let’s hope you’re not planning on meeting someone special on the flight.

Price:  $286 

No Jet Lag
There are a host of homeopathic remedies out there, but No Jet Lag is one of the more popular ones. It contains leopard’s bane, Wild chamomile, Daisy and other plant extracts –in a chewable pill form --that are supposed to help regulate the body during long-haul travel.  It is available in health foods stores, drug stores, and airport convenience stores or online.

Price: 10.49

Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock
Researchers believe that understanding time zones in which you’re travel through will help you combat jet lag better. This compact travel clock removes the mystery of setting the time and alarm --and reminds you that back home it's really 3 am and you'd normally be sleeping.  The Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock has two displays: the left side is used to set the time, and the right to adjust the alarm. It also locks in whatever local time you want and doesn't change when you cross time zones.  And best of all its sleek design measures about half the size of a passport.

Price: $40 

Valkee Brain Stimulation Headset
This nifty headset substitutes the mood-elevating effects of the sun by channeling safe bright light directly to photosensitive regions of the brain through the ear canal.  All you need to do is wear it 8-12 minutes a day and it claims it can reduce mood swings and circadian rhythm disorders. Good to know that it has been clinically tested.

Price: about $300