Irate woman is kicked off plane for refusing to put her dog in pet carrier

As if we need another reminder that failure to obey the requests of cabin crew can lead to problems.

An irate woman on board a United Express flight from Salt Lake City to Chicago who refused to put her small dog in a carrier after it had allegedly been growling and snapping at the flight crew was kicked off the plane.

Police were called to forcibly eject the woman, who was allegedly asked by staff to put the dog into the its carrier, and refused.

Video posted by YouTube user who goes by the name Mr. Adownie filmed the incident after the flight was forced to return to the gate.

The video's tongue-in-cheek title, Flight of Cujo, has the following text over the video: "Her dog had been growling and snapping at the crew. She refused to put it in a carrier calling flight attendant 'A b****'. Bad idea, lady. We returned to the gate. The police were waiting. She was oblivious."

The officer tells the woman, who is not named, that the captain was requesting she get off the flight and takes her dog with her.

She shoots back, “Then I want my money back before I get off this plane.”

The officer told her she would be getting off the plane immediately, and she could sort out a refund with the airline afterward.

The woman says it’s “the worst airplane” before the cop interrupts and points out she is holding up the whole flight.

“I don't care, you're holding me up,” shouts the woman.

The passenger is warned she will go to jail if she continues, to which she replies: “'I'm not going to go to jail mister, you're looking to the wrong lady.”

The officer then reaches down to collect the dog and the woman to yells out in anger.

"This is my dog and I'm going to sue this country," she yells.

A spokesperson for United Airlines told the  MailOnline that flight 6227returned to the gate after a passenger refused to comply with safety rules regarding in-flight transportation of pets.

"The passenger was removed by local law enforcement, and the flight continued to Chicago."