Inside Disney's new 'Avatar' theme park

It’s official: Pandora - The World of Avatar will be coming to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom next summer.

The immersive world, based on the highest grossing movie of all time, announced that it will unveil its floating mountains, lifelike greenery and revolutionary two new rides to the public for the first time next year.

Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, shared photographs and renderings of Animal Kingdom’s newest land with attendees of D23 Destination D at Walt Disney World Resort earlier today, as well as announcements about its food and merchandise outlets.

Pandora will have two food and beverage outposts—Satu’li Canteen, a sit-down restaurant with Na’vi artifacts and “in-story” food, and an otherworldly bar called Pongu Pongu—and will feature a Windtraders merchandise shop, which will be the go-to spot for stocking up on Na’vi plush, science kits, and other relevant exploration gear.

Chapek also shared new looks at Avatar-themed rides, supplying never-before-seen images from Flight of Passage, which looks most similar to a combination of Star Tours’ imagery and Soarin’s mechanisms, but with an entirely new ride system. He also compared Na’vi River Journey—Pandora’s family-friendly bioluminescent boat ride—to the “high watermark” of Shanghai Disneyland’s tech-savvy version of Pirates of the Caribbean, widely considered to be the park’s best.

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The highlight, though, was a glimpse at the ride’s shaman, a figure so unbelievably realistic and true to the films that it practically looks animated.

The masses may be counting down the days (and years!) ‘til Star Wars unveils itself at Disney Parks, but as the most immersive land Disney has ever built, prepared for Pandora - The World of Avatar to blow you away.