Hilarious video shows grizzly bear rolling down a hill at Denali National Park

Chances of spotting bears in Alaska’s Denali National Park are not impossible, but pretty rare.  So, what’s the chance you’d see a bear barrel rolling down a hill?

A fun-loving grizzly playing up to the camera was captured on video enjoying himself in Denali National Park.

In the background, tourists can be heard laughing amid the clicks of digital cameras.

The video begins with a close up of the bear as he stumbles then realizes that rolling down the hill was way more fun.

The group of stunned eyewitnesses can be heard laughing, with one saying: "I think he's drunk."

"This is hilarious," another adds.

After the bear realizes he has an audience, he sits up slightly dizzy and starts rolling once more. At one point the camera shot widens to see the tourists at a safe distance from the frolicking bear.

The playful footage has become an Internet hit and has been seen online more 800,000 times since it was uploaded on YouTube Sunday.

There are around 300 to 350 grizzly bears in Denali.  Park rangers stress that visitors should use the designated animal viewing stations. The best places to spot a bear is on the north side of the Alaska Range on open tundra or along river beds from June 11-Sept 8.