Dubai to build the world's first rotating skyscraper by 2020

Dubai’s skyline already features the world’s tallest building and a five-star hotel located on its own island, but the city is set to get yet another distinctive structure in 2020: the world’s first rotating skyscraper.

Designed by Israeli-Italian architect David Fisher, the residential and commercial property will reportedly stand 1,375 feet tall and feature 80 floors capable of rotating a full 360 degrees, allowing guests the opportunity to enjoy ever-changing views of Dubai through its floor-to-ceiling windows, according to


Voice-activated technology will allow building residents and guests to aim their apartment views at their preferred skyscapers, too.

“Hotel guests will be given the unique opportunity to shape the building and choose their view, thus redefining completely luxury in the hospitality sector,” design firm Dynamic Architecture details on its official website. “In doing so, they will also design the building and the skyline of the city.”

The tower will also be able to provide its own power utilizing wind turbines located between floors, as well as solar powers on the roof. Fisher even says the building will generate 10 times more energy than it uses, reports Inhabitant.

A promotional YouTube video posted by Dynamic Architecture in 2010 suggests that, like the five-star Burj Al Arab hotel, the tower will sit on a plot of reclaimed land off the coast of the city.

The project was first announced in 2008 with a projected completion date of 2010, but plans were put on hold before construction could start.


Now, according to and also confirmed by What's On, Dynamic Architecture has plans to complete the tower by 2020 to coincide with the city’s World Expo.

Inhabitant reports that individual apartments are expected to start at $30 million. Amenities will include swimming pools, elevated gardens, and an elevator that will bring the guests' cars directly to their apartments.

Apart from its residences, Dynamic Architects categorizes the tower as a “future hotel" on its site, although they say they prefer to describe its lodgings as "wellness experiences."

Says the design firm, "This dynamic experience will offer exclusive services, luxurious accommodation and facilities for the traveler with the most cutting-edge technologies, whether for business or leisure."