Do hotel guests actually use the gym?

A new hotel amenities survey conducted by the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration suggests the industry may be overestimating its customers' commitment to fitness on the road.

According to Quartz, more than 780 hotel guests staying at 33 properties run by major hotel companies were polled over the course of eight weeks. The participants were asked about various hotel amenities before and after their stay, including the on-site fitness center.

Nearly half of respondents (46 percent) said they planned to use the gym at some point during their stay. However, less than one-quarter (22 percent) followed through.

The survey also found that guests took advantage of amenities like free bottled water and in-room Wi-Fi less often than they intended.

The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration's research sought to shed light on hotels' return on investment when it comes to providing certain amenities for their guests. While the results aren't likely to excite hotels and resorts investing heavily in fitness-related trends, there is still a demand for wellness travel-- and for many guests having a space to work out was an important perk.

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In addition to fitness centers, some hotel brands are expanding offerings to include other health-focused amenities like on-demand workout classes, local running route maps, yoga studios, spas, special sleep menus, meditation spaces and more.

So, while a basic gym is unlikely to be the deciding factor for a guest, it is clear the industry stands to benefit by embracing wellness on a broader scale.

Just last month, Hyatt Hotels acquired the Miraval Group and now plans to forman all-new wellness category within its portfolio. Westin Hotels & Resorts has also announced numerous partnerships designed to help guests stay fit, eat healthy, sleep better and generally be more active when they travel.