Artist creates magical map for Disney's future Star Wars Land

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One day you will walk into a Disney theme park and open a map that features myriad attractions, including those tucked away in the truly awesome Star Wars land. Lost at E Minor’s Inigo del Castillo reports one artist has taken some of the sting out of waiting for that day.

Below is an artist’s rendering for what a map of the now promised theme park might look like, complete with various "lands" ripped from our favorite “Star Wars” movies.

The image was posted to Facebook, and comes with an area for Wookiees (Kashyyk) and droids alike.

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Del Castillo explains that the above is nothing but pure fantasy, conjured by an artist named Kevin Lynch: “Lynch’s conceptual map features the different worlds in the Star Wars universe, each having unique rides and themed shops.”

TravelPulse’s Michael Isenbek previously reported that Disney would be super-sizing its parks to include far more Star Wars fare.

This followed what was a 14-acre land grab by Disneyland in Anaheim, further fueling rumors on the size and scope of such a theme park area.

Unfortunately, details are still scant on what this magical "land" will encompass. We can sit and daydream for the remainder of the day on what would be the best attractions to pepper a very real future map.

Thanks to Lynch, we now have somewhere to begin.

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