Airline Safety Videos: From Safe to Sexy

When it comes to flying in the modern era, our focus of attention gravitates to airport security, body scanners, being groped by TSA agents and potential terrorist threats. The in-flight safety videos and demonstrations that flight attendants go through prior to takeoff tend to be an afterthought. Next time you fly, take a look around and see how many individuals are actually paying attention to the safety video and/or demonstration versus checking their phones, tweeting, texting, or reading.

However, can you really blame travelers for turning a deaf ear and a blind eye while these events happen? If you've flown once and seen one before, you've seen them all. Every safety video goes through the usual drab list of what's prohibited, where the exits are and how to buckle your safety belt. Been there and done that. Airlines have caught on to this nonchalant attitude towards flight safety and have decided to modernize, and in some cases sexualize their videos. Here's a run down of in-flight safety videos starting with the late 80's and early 90's to the modern day sexy safety videos that include "Deltalina" and naked body paint.

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