12 marvelous Mother's Day gifts for the jetsetting mom

Is your mom always on the go?

Whether the matriarch of your family is in the air, behind the wheel or even setting sail, when it comes to shopping for your globetrotting mom, there are plenty of new gadgets and wearables that will make her feel all the comforts of home on the road.

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 8 so you still have plenty of time to ship that special lady something, well, special.

Here are a few we think any active mother would definitely appreciate:

1. UP3 by Jawbone


Jawbone’s UP activity trackers make for a pretty snazzy travel gadget. For starters, it allows you to track your sleep and receive sleep-related insights on how to avoid jet lag. Better yet, when the UP system realizes you are in a new location, it provides advice and tips based on the location. In Shanghai? It will give you the low down on pedestrian-friendly areas, so you can get your steps in (the device also tracks your movement and calories burned).

2. Lululemon separates


There’s nothing like trekking around the globe while wearing comfortable, yet stylish, clothing. Make it easy on mom and choose an outfit for her. The Align Pant from yoga clothing maven Lululemon, made of super soft Nulu fabric, is designed to feel like you aren’t wearing any pants at all. Pair that with the Swifty Tech longsleeve for a complete look for the plane and then straight into yoga class. The lightweight fabric is sweat-wicking and breathable. Top it off with a mesh hat and fashionable duffel, and your mom is all set.

3. SWIMS Loafers


SWIMS makes light, breathable, water-friendly loafers that are flexible and perfect for traveling whether it’s walking through an airport or traipsing through a rain forest.

4. Picture It on Canvas

(Picture It on Canvas)

Let’s face it: moms are sentimental. Tug at their heart strings with a canvas print from  Picture it on Canvas. First, choose a fun photo of you and mom. Next, send it in to Picture It on Canvas, and voila, you’re done. Beyond that, you can create custom luggage tags, business-card cases, floor mats, wood-wall panels, ornaments and dry-erase calendars.

5. Indo Board

(Indo Board)

For someone with an active lifestyle who is always on the go, it can be tough to come back home and be sedentary. The Indo Board, which is basically a mini surfboard sitting on top of a roller or a cushion, is an awesome and entertaining way to keep moving when you are at home. It works the core and promotes good balance and posture, and what mom doesn’t love that? It actually makes squats, sit-ups and push-ups more enjoyable because your brain is actively engaged in keeping you balanced. It will bump up mom’s surfing cred, yoga skills and tennis game. Plus, when the board sits on top of the cushion, it can be used at a standing desk.

6. La Vie Boheme Yoga mat

(La Vie Boheme)

The awesome designs on these bohemian-inspired yoga mats will have your mom zen-ing out in no time. The Mandala mat is extra thick (6.2 mm), heavy duty and beautiful. They also sell gorgeous, vibrant travel yoga rugs made of 100 percent organic cotton that are sure to be conversation starters. Perfect for Vinyasa or Bikram and can go on top of your traditional yoga mat for some added cushiness.

7. Artifact Uprising hardcover photo book

A photo album for mom is a no-brainer. Especially when it’s as fancy as this one. This premium quality photo book is custom bound in fabric and features 100 percent recycled interior pages. It’s classic. Choose photos, upload ‘em and decide whether you want a partial or full dust jacket. Voila!

8. Slip silk pillowcase


Snoozing away on a pure silk pillowcase, it turns out, is a really good idea. Traditional pillowcases can cause damage to your tresses and your sensitive facial skin. Slip silk pillowcases, however, are created from mulberry silk and with non-toxic dyes. It nixes the possibility of getting sleep-crease on your face, is much gentler on your hair (no more bed head) and does not suck moisture out of your face like a cotton pillowcase does. Plus, it’s just darn comfortable.

9. GorillaPod


The sign of a good photographer is super sharp photos. Using a tripod is the best way to nix camera shake. Gorilla pods come with a clever mount on a flexible tripod that easily attaches to most things. Use it with your iPhone, Android, Windows phone or small tablet to take photos.

10. Olukai


Mother’s tend to love insanely comfortable shoes, right? The Momi slip-ons definitely fit the bill. They are functional (you could easily walk 8 hours with these puppies on), but they are also fashionable (the petal cutouts are a great touch). Basically, it’s a great go-to shoe for many travel situations.

11. Graze


There’s nothing quite like gifting food. And snacks are pretty crucial when it comes to traveling. Graze, a snack subscriptions service, lets you choose from a selection of creative snacks like apple cinnamon granola bars, shortbread dippers and kale chips with edamame beans that are made with quality ingredients. Have them delivered to work or home, and let the snacking begin.

12. Urban Gridded necklace

(Urban Gridded)

Here’s one creative way to show your love for your hometown: wear it around your neck or on your ears. The Urban Gridded Jewelry collection has dog tags, necklaces and earrings that represent more than 120 major cities from 32 countries around the world.