Streaming football, delete searches and more: Tech Q&A

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Erase Google Searches

Q: I have typed things into Google that I've rather not admit. How do I erase everything I ever searched for on Google?

A: Honestly, all of us have probably searched for something we’re not proud of, and search history is a double-edged sword. In a worst-case scenario, uncomfortable searches can be handy for anyone looking to blackmail you. Be forewarned: You can erase your search history on your browser, but that information isn’t permanently deleted unless you take another step. I have your back though. Tap or click here to erase everything you ever searched for on Google.

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Stream NFL Games

Q: Football is our life. Where can we watch the NFL games streaming?

A: The NFL has always been protective of its media content, and ever since streaming services went mainstream, now about a decade ago, broadcasting companies have been struggling to bring their cherished live coverage to the web. Each season, the process gets a little more streamlined, and this year there are more options than ever. Some viewing can get pretty pricey, but if you’re a diehard fan, you may not mind shelling out a little extra to be able to watch your game live – wherever you are. Tap or click here for the best places to stream football this fall.

Diagnose Phone Malware

Q: I do so many financial and personal things on my phone. How do I know if there is malware or a virus on it? A: The worst malware is the kind you can't detect. It devours your phone from the inside, meddling with your software and even transmitting personal data to a faraway cyber-criminal, yet there is no visible sign of infection. It's not just phones; the same goes for tablets, which users often forget to check. Still, most malware leaves some trace. When you know what to look for – such as a slow operating system or rapid data consumption – you can reasonably guess that there's something fishy going on. Then, you can take steps to remove the virus. Tap or click here to learn if your phone or tablet has a virus.

Enhance Wi-Fi

Q: My Wi-Fi has annoying areas with no coverage. Where should I put in a repeater?

A: In a way, your whole house is working against you, and its shape, architecture, decorations, and even building materials. You may be able to get away with moving your

Wi-Fi devices around. However, if you need to invest in a repeater, there are certain ways to position it that will radically enhance your Wi-Fi coverage. Tap or click here to pinpoint Wi-Fi issues in your home or office.

Clean Up New Laptop

Q: I got a new laptop, and it's loaded with junk. What programs can I remove?

A: This is the unspoken irony of new computers, especially PCs. They often lack the programs we wish we had, such as Microsoft Office or a decent photo editor. Instead, they may overflow with programs we don't need or want. They take up storage, burn up RAM, and clutter our desktop. Then again, if we don't know what they are, how can we remove them without causing any issues down the line? Even computer experts may have trouble figuring out which programs are essential and which ones are not. Tap or click here to know which programs you can safely delete from your PC.

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