Star Citizen executive producer leaves Cloud Imperium Games for 'personal reasons'

With any project as ambitious as Star Citizen, it's to be expected that there are going to be rough spots along the way, and it seems like the project has currently hit one of those. Last month the game's FPS module was put on hold, and now a key staff member has departed.

Executive producer for Star Citizen Alex Mayberry has left developer Cloud Imperium Games, Game Informer confirmed yesterday. His departure is stated to be for "personal reasons," and the developer stresses that this has nothing to do with Star Marine's delay.

"We were sorry that Alex had to leave the CIG family," a representative for Cloud Imperium told GameSpot, adding that the departure will not affect the game's forward momentum. "No impact at all on development. In fact, it's full steam ahead for us."

Global head of production (and brother of company head Chris Roberts) Erin Roberts will take over most of Mayberry's duties. As for Mayberry, his plans are currently unknown, but given his industry pedigree, it's unlikely that he'll remain out of work.

Mayberry was hired at Cloud Imperium Games in May 2014, after working for Blizzard for more than a decade on projects that included World of Warcraft and the Diablo franchise. After moving to Cloud Imperium, Mayberry oversaw Star Citizen's development, reporting to Chris Roberts directly.

Last month saw something of a reversal of the above, with senior producer Travis Day leaving Cloud Imperium to take a job at Blizzard. "Travis is going to work for Blizzard, which is a dream job for him. We're terribly sad to lose him, but also incredibly happy for him because he's doing something he always wanted to do," Cloud Imperium's Ben Lesnick wrote in a forum post addressing Day's departure.

In the meantime, Cloud Imperium is forging ahead with Star Citizen's development, including the opening of new offices in Frankfurt, but we're still a long way out from seeing the game as anything resembling a finished product.