Spotify To Add Free Internet Radio to iOS App

Pandora, watch out: Spotify is getting a new radio feature for its iOS apps. Up until now, only paid subscribers could enjoy their music tracks on the go. If users refused to pony up $9.99 a month, their only free option was to stream music on Spotify's desktop app. But in an announcement this morning, the company said that it planned to open up its mobile radio access to everyone, for absolutely no fee.

Users will soon be able to stream an unlimited amount of music on the move and create music stations based on artists, genres, and other songs they've "liked," all within Spotify's mobile app. And akin to Pandora, the radio station gets more personal each time the user marks a song with a thumbs up.

Spotify users on the iPhone and iPad can expect the update to drop into the App Store later today. Premium users of the Spotify iOS app will continue to have an ad-free experience, while free users in the US will hear ads from Spotify's launch partners while streaming their music.