Smart-designed ampjacket iPhone 5 Case Turns Up the Volume 2X

Odds are if you’ve owned an iPhone, there have been times when you wish it were louder. Maybe it was during a Facetime call or showing a friend a movie scene on YouTube, but either way, the iPhone speaker didn’t cut it.

A small case maker called kubxlab feels your pain and designed the ampjacket iPhone 5 case to soothe your worries. A clip-on case with a long slender crescent in the back, the ampjacket forces sound waves from the iPhone 5’s back-facing, bottom-right speaker to spill out of two spacious gaps in the back of the case, rather than fly out from the speaker in an uncontrolled, 360-degree mess.

[sc:video id="2078260724001" width="620" height="453"]

You can certainly hear the difference. Even on a crowded CES showroom floor, the audio was noticeably twice as loud--a little muddy, but still louder. And slightly muddy audio shouldn’t be a problem since the ampjacket is for speakerphone or Facetime calls, short burst of shared audio with a nearby buddy, or those brief moments where you just need a bit more decibel.

What could be a problem is the $34.95 price tag. That’s a little steep for a polycarbonate clip-on case that ups the sound ante (even though we really liked the texture of its grippy rubber finish). Polycarbonate isn’t the weakest material around, so the ampjacket provides a smidgen of protection for your device, and that curved spine along the back is a good makeshift handle.

You can also get this case in a host of colors: black, white, grey, red, orange, green,, blue, and pink, to be exact.

All in all, it’s still better than straining to hear.