Siri is a Ron Paul fan, Apple’s iPhone admits

Siri what are your political views?

Siri, the personal assistant feature in Apple’s latest smartphones, appears to lean libertarian. Ask the iPhone the above question and you’ll be taken to a Wikipedia page for Ron Paul, implying that Siri and Ron go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The libertarian connection, first noted by the Daily Caller and confirmed by, could come from the fact that Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul recently defended Apple’s tax practices, and called on Congress to apologize for berating “one of America’s greatest success stories,” the site suggested.

It could also arise from a mere coincidence: Ron Paul supporters are a vocal, tech-savvy group, making the politician’s name particularly likely to pop up in search results.

Reddit readers didn't appear to care what the answer was.

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"Siri understands the plain language of the Constitution," one person wrote.

OH MY GOD. Siri picked Ron Paul!!!!! Long live libertarians!! They're the answer!!!!" another wrote.

Apple did not immediately respond when asked for an explanation.