Siri Gets a Lot Smarter in iOS 6: Sports, Restaurants, App Launching and Car Integration

Siri is getting a major brain boost in iOS 6. She now knows a lot more about sports, restaurants, movies and more. Today at WWDC, iOS head honcho Scott Forstall showed off some new features of its voice-controlled personal assistant, and they were impressive indeed.

You'll now be able to get sports scores information from Siri by asking her things such as, "What is Buster Posey's batting average?" or even more gimmicky trivia like "Who is taller, LeBron or Kobe?" For everyday decisions like finding a place to eat for dinner, Forstall mentioned the company's partnership with Yelp as well as its tight integration with OpenTable features for better restaurant suggestions. Looking to kick back and watch a movie?

Siri in iOS 6 can help you with that as well, serving up information about what's playing at your local theater, answering your questions about actors, and otherwise leveraging Rotten Tomatoes content. But arguably the best new feature of Siri in iOS 6 is her newfound ability to launch apps. Now you can launch Temple Run just by communicating your wishes to your digital assistant on your smartphone.

Finally, Apple mentioned that it is working to integrate Siri into cars with a hands-free solution called "Eyes Free." It's designed to be an actual hardware button on steering wheels that we can expect to come from Siri within the next 12 months.