Screenshot albums and more are coming as part of a major Nintendo Miiverse update

Miiverse, the player-driven community for Nintendo consoles, is due to see a number of major structural changes as part of a planned overhaul, Nintendo announced.

While the update will introduce several new features, it will also place limits to the number of times players can post or comment daily, easing the moderation process and ensuring more carefully curated game communities.

A new Screenshot Album feature will launch alongside the Miiverse software update, allowing players to save up to 100 photos captured from Wii U games. The feature serves as a private catalog for players, and saved screenshots will not be visible to others.

Users can also access the new Play Journal feature, which logs brief comments for player-chosen gameplay milestones. Games that support screenshot functionality will automatically insert gameplay photos alongside log entries. Play Journal functionality replaces Miiverse's existing Activity Feed, which will be phased out in the coming months.

Game-specific Miiverse communities will gain a sorting feature as part of Nintendo's forthcoming update, enabling categorization of player posts. Miiverse messages within each game's community will be categorized as drawings, discussions, or Play Journal entries, making it easier for players to find the user-created content that they want while eliminating extraneous messages. Users can additionally tag discussion posts in order to group and sort through related content.

Nintendo notes that a server-mandated cooldown period between successive Miiverse posts will be reduced following the update. Individual players will be limited to a combined total of 30 posts or comments per day, however -- a restriction that didn't previously exist within Miiverse communities. These new rules will only apply to messages posted from the Miiverse app; in-game comments will not be restricted.

Nintendo's Miiverse update will launch this summer. A specific rollout date was not announced.