NES Classic Edition is dead, but you can order its replacement on Amazon right now

The NES Classic Edition was a smash hit ahead of the holidays last year, and it was still flying off the shelves long after the holidays came and went. Then, Nintendo went ahead and decided to discontinue it because well no one really knows why. You can still get an official NES Classic Edition right now on Amazon if you're willing to pay a premium, but there's another option that's even more affordable than the NES Classic was at its $60 MSRP. Check out the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD Gaming Console for NES, which can play any NTSC or PAL cartridges (unlike the NES Classic Edition) and costs just $40. It's available for pre-order right now, and it starts shipping later this month.

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Here are some quick highlights from the product page:

  • HD audio and video (720p), 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio switch
  • High compatibility for NTSC AND PAL cartridges (via bottom case switch)
  • Premium classic-style "Cadet" controller (10 ft. cable)
  • 3 ft. HD cable, 6 ft. Micro USB charge cable with USB AC Adapter
  • Also includes AV ports with AV cable