NASA showed off an image of what Earth looked like in 1969

Despite helping mankin move forward for decades, NASA has a bit of a nostalgic sense to it.

This week, the space agency unveiled an image of Earth from the Apollo 10 taken 36,000 nautical miles away. The image is from May 18, 1969, nearly 50 years ago.

In the image, almost all of Mexico can be seen, but the Yucatan Peninsula is covered by clouds. Also seen clearly are the Gulf of California, Baja, California and the San Joaquin Valley. There are certain parts of Texas that are visible as well.


Apollo 10 was the fourth mission in the Apollo space program and the second to orbit the Moon. Members of the mission, which lasted 8 days, 3 minutes and 23 seconds, include commander Thomas P. Stafford, command module pilot John W. Young and lunar module pilot Eugene E. Cernan.

Apollo 10 is also known for its Peanuts character call-signs. "Charlie Brow"n was the name of the Command and Service Module, where Young was, while Stafford and Cernan were in the Lunar Module, dubbed "Snoopy."