Mistaken identity: British man Steve Bannon included in official White House Twitter group message

A British man called Steve Bannon has been confused with Donald Trump’s chief strategist after he was added to an official White House group message on Twitter.

Mr Bannon, who describes himself as a “proud Scot living in England” tweeted out Monday that he had been accidentally put in a conversation with top US officials who had got him muddled up with the new President’s adviser.

Steve Bannon, who is the new President’s chief political strategist, has just been given a seat at the National Security Council’s table.

The ex-Breitbart chief will get access to sensitive meetings with the President and his other top security advisers.

The British man he was confused with, describes himself on the social network as “nothing to do with US politics or running the White House”.

He had to spend the day replying to tweets that he has been mistakenly sent after the mix-up.

It’s not the first time Twitter users have got a well-known figure confused online with someone who happens to share their name.

Spare a thought for John Lewis, a computer scientist from Virginia, who regularly gets complaints about goods bought from the UK shop.

He still gets messages despite putting on his message on his profile of “not a retail store”.

And The Times’ Middle East Correspondent, Richard Spencer, is often muddled up with the prominent alt-right figure of the same name.

This article originally appeared on The Sun.