Man uses fake outlet on a Broadway stage to charge up his iPhone, just as the show starts

It can be traumatic when our phones are about to run out of power and there's no access to a charging point. For one man attending a Broadway show recently, the panic of missing a message, and the close proximity of what looked like a handy power outlet located on the stage, proved to be too much to resist.

According to Playbill, an unnamed man attending a performance of Hand to God at the Booth Theater climbed up on stage with his iPhone and charger in hand, and plugged it into one of the wall outlets on the set -- just moments before the show began. There wasn't even any payoff for the bizarre behavior, because (big surprise) the outlet was part of the set and therefore unable to actually deliver any power.

It's difficult to work out exactly what was going through the person's mind. It's usually accepted that the stage is off limits to the audience (random people wandering around tends to put off the actors, and generally spoil the show), and that no matter how real the set looks, it's all made of wood and prayers.

A member of the audience posted about the incident on Facebook, saying the pre-show music had to be stopped, the phone removed, and an announcement made that no, it wasn't OK for everyone to hop up on stage and give their phones a top up. Two of the cast members tweeted their disbelief.

While we try to wrap our minds around the concept of such obliviousness, there is the chance that none of this is as it seems. In a report by BroadwayAdjacent, it's said the man desperate to charge his phone may have pulled the stunt as part of a dare. Apparently, after the phone was retrieved from the stage and returned to its owner, he's quoted as saying, "Well, where can I charge it?"

He either shouldn't be allowed out of the house on his own, or is a comedic genius.