Madbits Launches Momentsia, A Fun, Easy-to-Use Photo Collage App

It seems like a new photo app is introduced to app stores every day. We most recently were impressed with Flayvr, a free iOS app that automatically combines photos and videos into easily-sharable collections. When we came across Momentsia, though, a free iOS app from Madbits that has many similarities to Flayvr, we were impressed with its versatility and fun interface.

Doing a brief hands-on with Momentsia, we learned that the idea of the app was to arrange our photos in Mondrian-style photo collages featuring various background colors. However, unlike Flayvr, Momentsia allows users to take photos while in the app, instead of just pulling them from the photos in your Camera Roll. Plus, you can share it on Instagram, which is not possible using Flayvr.

We were impressed with the sheer volume of patterns of the collages, and users can choose to have either white or back dividers between photos. To insert a photo from your Camera Roll, simply tap and hold on the rectangle within the graphic pattern you'd like to place it in. To capture a photo from within the app, tap once and wait for the camera to activate, then tap again to take the shot.

Once you're finished crafting your collage masterpiece, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email, or you can just save it to your Camera Roll for later use. All in all, Momentsia is a fun, easy-to-use photo app that lets users make collages how they like and share via social networks.