Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Snags Reader's Choice Award for Best of CES 2013

We've seen a ton of mind-blowing gear this CES 2013. But we left it up to you, our readers, to make the call on what tech would be the most influential in your day-to-day life. And choose you did. By an overwhelming majority, the Lenovo IdeaCenter Horizon takes home the prize.

The 27-inch, 1920 x 1080-pixel all-in-one PC works as a table-top gaming machine and a giant tablet in one. Although the massive device is bound to be a bit bulky, it only measures 1.1 inches thick, and rubberized bumpers make it easier to carry. Plus, feel free to unplug it, because it runs for two hours on a battery charge.

A cool ring interface lets users choose between photos, videos, education apps, games and an app store. When we demoed the IdeaCenter Horizon, we saw the ability to play board games such as "Monopoly," air hockey and roulette, making this massive station fun for the entire family. And remote users can even join via phone, so faraway family members or friends can also get in on the action.

The device starts at $1,699 and will launch this summer.

The other worthy nominees for this year's Reader's Choice Award included gaming devices such as Razer's Edge $999 tablet that promises Nvidia graphics and controllers you can swap out and the Nvidia Shield that packs a Tegra 4 processor inside a 5-inch console for portable gaming, to waterproof devices such as the Sony Xperia Z, which features a 5-inch screen and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. The Oculus Rift came close, but the reader's have spoken.