From landing sponsorships to promoting products, YouTubers can earn cash – and a lot of it – through a variety of ways.

In 2017, Daniel Middleton, a gamer, was the highest paid YouTube star, raking in $16.5 million, according to Forbes. Earlier this year, YouTube said the number of channels that made more than six figures grew by 40 percent.

Here’s a look at what you have to do to make money through YouTube, a subsidiary of Google.

Turn the ads on

In order to start earning money, you must join the YouTube Partner Program, which allows users to “monetize” videos with advertisements.

In order to join the program, channels must have at least 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 hours of watch time, according to guidelines set by YouTube in January.

Keep it friendly

Users also need to make sure the content adheres to YouTube’s policies – including its advertiser-friendly guidelines.

Videos that include “controversial and sensitive events” – such as political conflicts, sexual abuse or terrorism – cannot have advertisements. Similarly, videos that include discrimination, violence, inappropriate language or drugs also cannot contain ads.

Users are able to turn off ads for certain videos, but leave them on for others that adhere to guidelines.

Become an affiliate

YouTubers can partner with companies that offer “affiliate marketing.”

Through affiliate marketing, a YouTuber could link to a specific product. That YouTuber will then get a certain percentage of money made from people clicking on the link and buying that product, according to Tech Crunch.

Some companies, such as Amazon, will also give those in the affiliate program a percentage of sales from other “qualifying purchases,” not just the specific product advertised.

Get a sponsorship

For YouTube Gamers, sponsorships are an option to earn cash. Sponsors pay a channel $4.99 per month in order to get what YouTube calls “insider perks,” such as custom badges and invites to private chats.

Sponsorships are also being tested for non-gaming channels.

It pays to be seen

YouTubers can also make money from fans through a feature called Super Chat.

With Super Chat, users can pay to have their comments highlighted and pinned to ensure it’s been seen by YouTubers and fans during livestreams. The color of the highlight and length of time a comment is pinned depends on how much money the user spends, according to YouTube.

YouTubers are able to use tools that would block certain inappropriate messages from being pinned during a livestream, but they largely need to monitor these comments themselves, The Verge reported.

YouTube doesn’t guarantee payment

YouTube does not guarantee how much a partner gets paid, the company says online.

In order to receive money, users have to reach a certain payment threshold and be in compliance with YouTube’s rules.

Earnings for a particular month won't be made available to users until the middle of the following month.