Hands-On: Satarii Introduces Two New Swivls for Photogs and Video-Conferencing

Teleconferencing is about to get better, and cheaper, too. Satarii, the company behind the Swivl, is introducing two new versions of its low-cost video-conferencing appcessory geared for tablet users and professional photographers.

The White Basic, which is designed for use with DSLR cameras, will cost $149. Using an Android or iOS app, Users will be able to remotely pan the device (via Bluetooth) 360 degrees, and tilt it 20 degrees up or down. The app will also let you fire off shots, and connecting a USB cable to your camera and the Swivl will let you preview images on your phone taken by the camera. Unfortunately, no Live View yet--Bluetooth can't support the bandwidth.

The Silver Premium model, which will cost $229, is designed with video conferencing in mind. Unlike the first Swivl, which was only big enough for smartphones, the new device can accommodate iPads as well. As with the original, a wireless dongle that has a built in microphone can be used to track a person in a room. However, in a twist, Swivl's app will allow someone on the other end of the call to move the Swivl remotely, too. Also, the Silver Premium has a built-in speaker, which will help when teleconferencing.

As before, the Swivl will be compatible with videoconferencing apps such as Facetime and Skype. Both the Silver and White versions measure 2.25 inches tall, 5 inches in diameter, and weigh 1.5 pounds. They will both be available in June 2013.