Facebook details bonuses for Zuckerberg, executives

Got billions?

The forthcoming IPO by social-networking powerhouse Facebook could net founder Mark Zuckerberg as much as $28 billion. But that’s just the beginning of the 27-year-old tech leader’s fortunes.

New documents filed with the SEC on Wednesday have revealed fresh details on the compensation package he and the other Facebookers will receive.

According to a story at the Wall Street Journal, 27-year-old CEO Zuckerberg and 42-year-old COO Sheryl Sandberg are in line for annual target bonuses of 45 percent of their salary plus other base wages. Zuckerberg could pull in roughly $225,000 this year, based on his annual salary of $500,000. Sandberg could take home an extra $135,000 based on her annual base salary of $300,000.

The majority of the social networkers’ fortunes will clearly come from the stocks, however, following what is expected to be one of the largest IPOs in stock market history.

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According to IPO paperwork Facebook filed at the end of January, Zuckerberg owns 28.2 percent of the soon-to-be-public company, and is its single largest shareholder. The eight-year-old social-networking company claims to have more than 845 million users around the world.

Zuckerberg has agreed to a $1 salary starting in 2013, according to the initial company paperwork. Will his 2013 bonus be 45 cents?