ECBC Has the Ultimate Travel Bags for the Connected Traveler

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Luggage and bag manufacterer ECBC has unveilved the ultimate carry-on bag for the connected traveler here at CES 2013. There are three new models: the Pegasus, Sparrow and Falcon, each which meet slightly different needs but come chalk full of pockets, pouches, and even some extra juice for your electronics.

The Pegasus bag is part backpack, part rolling bag, and full of power. It features a TSA compliant front pocket which holds up to a 15-inch notebook, making this a great carry-on as you won't need to take your laptop out of your bag for the XRay scanner. There's dedicated pockets for magazines, tablets and a felt pouch for a smartphone. It has both shoulder straps, which remain hidden in a zippered pouch when not needed, as well as wheels and an expandable handle, so it can be either a backpack or a rolling bag. The bag is made of 1000d Kodra and felt extremely sturdy and well designed and was also much lighter than we expected. It weighs only 9 pounds when empty, so it won't add too much bulk to your travel.

The Sparrow shares many of the same features as the Pegasus, such as the TSA compliant notebook holder, but is designed for the gadget-happy traveler with a snappy wardrobe. It has a built-in garment component to help dress shirts and suits remain as crisp as possible while traveling. The Sparrow is made from 1680d HD Ballistic Nylon and weighs 11 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the Pegusus, but is also made to last.

The third travel bag is the Falcon, which is the duffle version of the Pegasus and Sparrow bags. It comes in three different sizes, one which is carry-on sized and the other two are larger and will need to be stowed. These don't have a dedicated laptop compartment, but there are two separate areas for packing which leaves plenty of space.

All the bags include a USB charger with two USB ports. These chargers support charge-though, which allows you to charge your phone and the external power device at the same time. Priority is given to the device before the external battery gets juice.

There's no exact release date yet, but these bags should hit shelves in about two months. Both the Sparrow and the Pegasus will retail for $399 and the Falcon varies between $349 and $399 depending on the size. Travelers who love pouches and need power should definitely check these out.