Bungie seemed to have took what they learned from "Destiny," and applied it to "Destiny 2." Everything runs smoothly, the leveling process is reduced and discovering new weapons and armor is exciting.

At least for a little while.

Published by Activision (who provided a review copy to Fox News) and developed by Bungie, "Destiny 2" is an online, first person shooter title with a number of character customization mixed in. It shows promise compared to the first release, and proves to be a much more complete game than the original.


The story in Destiny 2 is relativity short and sweet. The guardians (Titan, Warlock and Hunter, each with their own abilities) need to take back the last city which was taken by Lord Ghaul, commander of the Red Legion. The story takes around 5 hours to complete. After that, the game opens up, complete with patrols, strikes, raids, and weekly missions.

Since "Destiny 2" is largely an open world online game, players want to finish the story for everything available afterwards, such as raids and strikes which are basically more intense team based missions. In the original "Destiny," strikes were completed throughout the story missions. Now, they are only unlocked after hitting the max level of 20. These strikes offer players better gear to be able to start preparing for the harder versions, the raids.

Guardians also have a small change from the original "Destiny." When players unlock a subclass, they will no longer have to level up to obtain the abilities. While playing with the community, everyone seems to love not wasting their time with that tedious process. Once players complete their personal subclass mission, everything becomes available.

Despite these benefits, the Destiny franchise is not too friendly to solo players. The player vs. player option doesn’t require friends and strikes come with a matchmaking system, but when it comes down to the heavier gameplay, you will need someone to have your back and have good communication.


Public events are much more entertaining in "Destiny 2," because of a twist thrown on them. Public events are random events where players from all over the map can all work together to complete a mission in the open world. Players now have the option to make these public events harder by doing something specific during these encounters. Say if a player shoots down a ship while this is in progress, it will upgrade the event into a harder mode that reaps better rewards.

When it comes to all online games, there needs to be a constant flow of updates and content added – otherwise the game becomes stale.

For now, "Destiny 2" has been an entertaining sequel. Let’s keep an eye out for how they intend to keep it fresh for the upcoming year.

Verdict: 8/10