Cool Site of the Day: Is That Movie Kid-Friendly?

How kid-friendly is that movie?

Like all art, movies are subjective. What one person finds funny, another finds offensive. Some people like violent action, while many don't. You can't please everybody.

This is especially true for parents. Every parent has different guidelines for what they feel their kids can watch. That is part of the reason for the current movie rating system.

However, movie ratings aren't always all that helpful. Movies that were rated PG 20 years ago might be G now. Things are even murkier when you venture into PG-13 territory. How can you know if a movie is appropriate?

The website Kids-in-Mind will help you decide if a movie is appropriate for your children. It provides detailed ratings that cover sex, violence, and profanity. You can see a list of possibly offensive content for each area.

There are also suggestions for topics to discuss with your kids. Each review includes a summary of the movie's message. This will help you decide if a movie meets your standards for your child.

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