Ashton Kutcher says the media messed up Twitter

It's not me, it's you.

That was the message from actor and tech investor Ashton Kutcher, who was on hand at CTIA 2013 to discuss his views on the mobile industry and social networking. During the keynote, Kutcher was asked how he thought Twitter was monetizing the mobile market. The star of the upcoming film, "jOBS," said the media messed up the social network.


Kutcher, who is extremely active on Twitter, said his experience with the social network has taken a turn for the negative.

"It used to be a personalized experience that I could share," he said. "I think media [bleeped] it up. There's a lot of people selling [another word for stuff] that I don't want in my feed. Maybe I need to curate my feed better. When I first started using it it felt like the democratization of media."

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Kutcher said the tipping point for his relationship with Twitter was when the social network made retweeting easier with the retweet button. "When they added the retweet button, it created a lot of noise in the system that hurt the experience," he said.

Kutcher isn't completely down on the social network. He said he believes Twitter will become valuable when it can integrate with intelligent objects, such as buses and coffee makers that can tweet at you when the next bus is scheduled to arrive or when your coffee is done.

Kutcher has invested in startups including Air BnB, Path, Square and a host of other mobile apps and services, so it's safe to assume he knows his stuff about tech. Kutcher's appearance at CTIA came hot on the heels of Jennifer Lopez' Viva Movil retail chain announcement for the Latino market.

So while this year's CTIA may have been light on major product announcements, it certainly wasn't lacking in star power.