Jennifer Lopez announces Viva Movil with Verizon for latino market

Add wireless mogul to Jennifer Lopez’s list of talents.

The actress and singer has announced Viva Movil, a new wireless retailer dedicated to the Latino market. Using Verizon Wireless’ network, the provider will offer a customized shopping experience for Latinos in the U.S. with the first store opening June 15 in New York and 15 more to follow by year’s end.

During her announcement, Lopez, who will serve as both chief creative officer and chief marketing officer, said that that Viva Movil will serve as an omnichannel shopping environment for Latinos and will include retail stores, online shopping, and mobile and social shopping experiences.

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Lopez explained that the Viva Movil stores will offer a, “first of its kind culturally relevant retail setting where the entire staff will be bilingual.” She also indicated that the venture will have a large social shopping experience. Potential customers will be able to browse phones and even order them via Lopez’ Facebook page.

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In an effort to further improve the shopping experience for Latinos, Lopez said each store will offer dedicated play areas for parents who bring their children shopping with them. This is something Lopez said Latinos do 40 percent more than other demographic groups.

The first store will open on June 15 in New York with roughly 15 stores expected to open in cities including Los Angeles and Miami by the end of the year. Verizon didn’t say exactly where in New York the first store will be, but they did say it would be at a very busy intersection, which we’re guessing means Times Square.

Lopez isn’t just the chief marketing and creative officer for Viva Movil, she’s the company’s majority shareholder. We’ll be on hand for the first store opening on June 15 in New York, so stay tuned.