App Reviews for the Modern Digital Mom

The role of the modern mom can seem like a constant juggling act managing the chaos of family life on a daily basis. As a digital mom, the only thing you need in your hand to balance is your smartphone-- hooked up with a few apps to help simplify your life. Here’s a fistful of apps to help you coordinate and protect your family.

Safe Browser
Think safety first. Are your kids always clicking around on your iphone or ipad? As protector, you can guard them against inappropriate content online with the Safe Browser App—offering parental controls for your device.

This $4.99 app can be your eyes and ears as your children tap away. Simply set your filtering level at Elementary, Middle or High School and it automatically applies filtering standards used by K-12 school systems. You can then set further filters that allow or block specific websites or categories of websites; for example, you can block all social media websites, or messaging blogs. You also have the ability to manage multiple-aged users with different filters, set time limits on Internet use, and view their Internet activity.

Download the Safe Browser app.

Here's a look at how the app works:

They say a mother’s intuition is never wrong. Here’s something else to rely on -- the Intuition app to guide you through daily tasks in the most effective ways possible and get the kids to soccer practice on time.

The free app, made for moms, acts as your own personal assistant by syncing your many calendars, creating simple to-do lists and alerting you when you are near stores where you can complete your errands. The cheerful colored app allows you to stay on top of altering schedules so you can be as flexible as possible.

Stay productive and easily view tasks sorted by categories like calls to make, grocery list, wish list and more. If you add tasks by location, Intuition will alert you when you are nearing a location where you can complete that to-do. The Community Tips section offers ideas for home improvements, birthday parties, gardening and more. Click on the information window and get your daily dose of inspiration and put your mind at ease and feel accomplished by viewing completed tasks.

Download the Intuition app from itunes.

Every mom wants what’s best for their family- especially when it comes to health and nutrition. So how do you know if you are making the right choice when it comes to feeding you family?

You can be sure to choose healthy groceries with the Fooducate app by scanning the barcode on any items to see what’s really inside. This free app helps you sort through the buzz words and confusing ingredient lists by highlighting the pros and cons of a product. A grade pops up with information manufacturers may not want you to notice like trans fats, additives and preservatives. The best part of the app is that it offers healthier alternatives and lets you compare items when you scan two products side by side, so you can be sure your choosing what’s best.

Download the Fooducate app from itunes.

Here's a look at how the app works: