In the dead of January, there is only one solution to the cold and snow: to venture outside with high-tech gear. Here are seven gadgets to help you explore the world, record a few high-def videos, find your way on a trail and stay warm even in the subzero temperatures.

1. Gobi Heat Dune Vest ($179)

Staying warm in winter just got easier. The Gobi Heat Dune vest uses a battery pack that slips into a compartment and lasts 10 hours per charge. Three heat levels (low, medium, high) allow you to customize the vest, which is also water-resistant.

2. Insta360 One R Twin Edition ($480)

Another unusual winter gadget, the Insta360 One R captures 360-degree video in crisp 5.7K resolution, which is better than most home televisions. It’s waterproof and captures still images as well, so you can stick one to a helmet when you ski or snowmobile.


3. Suunto 7 Smartwatch ($499)

Available later this month, the Suunto 7 is a winter trekkers' best friend. One of the better features is the color navigation maps, which are easy to read.

There are also workout modes on the smartwatch for alpine skiing, hiking, and snowshoeing.

4. Salomon S/PRO Custom Heat Connect Ski Boot ($750)

A highly unique product for winter adventures, this ski boot connects to an app on your smartphone. Wearers can customize the “comfort zone” to the desired temp, and the boot will adjust itself as you ski.

There is also an option to see the battery level for the left and right foot.

(Credit: Kelvin)

5. Kelvin Phantom Heated Jacket ($299)

With five heat zones (four on the front and one on the back), the Kelvin Phantom Heated Jacket will keep you toasty even in harsh conditions. There are three heat levels, and the included battery pack includes a USB port for charging your phone simultaneously.


6. Vasque Coldspark Ultradry Hiking Boots ($140)

It’s almost strange to wear these winter hiking boots since they stay so warm in cold weather but weigh only about two pounds and four ounces. The high-tech material, called Retain, is thin and light so you can hike longer but still insulates the boot.

7. Greenworks Pro 60 Volt 22-in Single-Stage Cordless Electric Snow Blower ($599)

A surprisingly powerful snowblower that discharges snow up to 30 feet, this Greenworks model is new for this winter season. There are two battery ports and two batteries included that switch over automatically, so the snowblower has a run time of about 60 minutes.