12 Tips for Taking Control of Privacy on Facebook

Have you ever been in trouble because of something your friend posted on your Facebook? Or maybe you shared way too much information about your own life that was only your family would care about.  Your whole life does not need to be on the internet, and even if you disagree, the people around you might not. Get a better grasp your privacy with the help of these 12 tips.

Manage Your Activity Log

Facebook’s Activity Log is a one-stop shop for making quick changes to your Timeline. Want to unlike something from weeks ago? Delete a link you shared in 2005? Click on Activity Log in your Timeline and you’ll have a full view of everything you’ve posted and what your friends have posted and liked on your Wall since you joined Facebook. To remove an item, click the circle icon to the right of the post to launch an options menu. From here, you can delete, allow or highlight any item on your Timeline. You can also change the date an event took place or mark a post as spam.

Edit/Remove Timeline Events

If you’re having second thoughts about something you recently posted on your Timeline, you can edit or remove it by moving your cursor over the post and clicking the pencil icon that appears in the popup box. From there, you can pin a post to the top of your Timeline, change the date of a post, hide it from your page or delete it.

Manage Who Can See Posts on Your Timeline

Just because you’re Facebook friends with someone doesn’t mean you want them to see all of your posts. To hide posts from a person or group: