Tom Brady adopts adorable puppy appropriately named Fluffy

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Tom Brady is just about a month into his offseason, and it's been a fairly exciting one thus far. His two-a-days began shortly after the Patriots' loss in the AFC Championship Game, but he did take some time off to go skiing, too.

Now, he's adding to the family. He and Gisele Bundchen have adopted a new furry friend named Fluffy, joining Lua and Scooby, the other two pooches in the family. As expected, the kids are thrilled.

It probably won't take long for Brady to post photos of his new dog on Facebook, just as he's done with Lua and Scooby in the past.

Surely, Fluffy will fit right in with the rest of the family. After all, who wouldn't love being around a dog that adorable every day?