'Sundays to Spring' 2017 Schedule

FOX Sports San Diego will re-air San Diego Padres games from the 2016 season every Sunday starting February 5 up to the Padres 2017 Spring Training season.

The games highlight some of the Padres' best moments from the 2016 season and will air during a three-hour Padres block every Sunday from February 5- February 26.

List of 2016 games to be shown:

02/05 @ 8pm -€ Padres vs. Diamondbacks from 08/18/16 - Padres beat Diamondbacks 9-8 as Jankowski and Dickerson lead the late.

02/12 @ 8pm -€ Padres vs. Diamondbacks from 08/19/16 - Ryan Schimpf ties the game in the 8th and then hits a walkoff home run in the 10th. Padres win 7-4.

02/19 @ 2pm -€ Padres vs. Dodgers from 09/27/16 - Padres beat Dodgers 7-1, as Renfroe hits two home runs for 7 RBI.

02/26 @ 3pm -€ Padres vs. Dodgers from 09/28/16 -€Padres beat Dodgers 6-5, as Renfroe becomes first player to hit the roof of the Western Metal Supply building.