The Stanford Cardinal only return a couple members from their fabulous 2014 defense. However, that doesn't seem to be a concern for head coach David Shaw.

When asked at Pac-12 Media Days about people who are skeptical about his defense, he responded by saying thanking those people for doubting his players.

"I say thank you. I say thank you. It's great," he said. "I like when people doubt us as opposed to getting pats on the back. I have no problem with that at all because I'm one of those guys that believes, yes, we should have to prove ourselves every year. Even if guys are coming back and we have everybody coming back, it doesn't mean anything. It's all about what you do here going out now.

There's no doubt that Shaw is confident in his players and coaching staff. Despite the losses on defense, the Cardinal figure to have one of the best defenses in the country once again this season.

(h/t Pac-12 Media Days)