SOCHI SCENE: Finnish tears

The first real upset of the women's hockey tournament also brought the first tears.

Finland forward Minttu Tuominen arrived in the mix zone after the 4-2 loss to Sweden with her eyes red from crying. The defeat means the defending bronze medalists means they can finish no better than fifth.

"This is definitely one of the worst (losses). Not being able to play for an Olympic medal," she said, stopping to hold back her tears, "it's heartbreaking."

Women's hockey is dominated by the United States and Canada. But Finland was the third-ranked team and thus the bronze medal favorites largely on the strength of goalie Noora Raty, a two-time NCAA champion who went 41-0-0 last year at Minnesota.

"Our goal, it was a medal," coach Mika Pieniniemi said. "As we all know, it's not any more possible."

— By Jimmy Golen — Twitter


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